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Get your music in front of sync artists, licensors, music supervisors and 1M+ monthly WhatSong users.

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Showcase your artist page with full transparency

Show off your tracks with a page you can be proud of. Your tracks will be listed with license fees on your choosing, depending on the type of use. They can be purchased with the click of a button, meaning you get paid instantly.

Exposure to 1M+ monthly WhatSong users

Our marketplace is built directly into the WhatSong platform, meaining your music will be able to be found on WhatSong movie, television show, artist and song pages - further increasing your exposure.

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Keep up to 90% of your license fees

Paid members will receive up to 90% of all license fees generated through the platform. Far higher than other platforms & industry standards.

Simple Pricing

Choose a plan that suits you, or get started for free.



Up to 4 approved tracks

60% licensing fees



Up to 10 approved tracks

80% licensing fees



Up to 25 approved tracks

85% licensing fees



Up to 50 approved tracks

90% licensing fees

Trust the process

How does it work? Simply follow the steps below to get started

1. Create

Create an account above. Currently, you must have a Spotify account to sign up.

Start uploading tracks to your shareable artist page. For each track you upload you will add:

  • • Audio files (.mp3, .wav or .flac)
  • • Moods and genres - to appropriately match your tracks to our marketplace and WhatSong pages.
  • • Licensing fees for each type of sync placement, allowing for quick, transparent purchases.
  • • Meta information

2. Approve

Given that our marketplace is curated and has a level of quality to uphold, each track must be approved by our submission team. Most tracks are approved within 24 hours and will then be able to be found on our marketplace and WhatSong.

To ensure your track is approved, please ensure your tracks are:

  • • Professionally or well-produced
  • • You own the track in its entirety and have the rights to license this track

3. Earn

All of your approved tracks will generate exposure through our marketplace, as well as the millions of monthly users that visit WhatSong.

To increase your visibility you should ensure that:

  • • You upload a broad range of your music.
  • • Accurately tag your tracks with appropriate moods and genres.
  • • Add as much meta data as you can to each of your tracks.
  • • Price them in a reasonable manner.


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